Passport Series 2021 – Merlot


This Merlot is sourced from the renowned Hawkes Bay wine growing region of New Zealand. Bright aromas of blueberry and baking spice are followed by notes of plum, fig and tobacco. A soft mouthfeel leads to well textured tannins. This wine combines the elements of aroma, flavour and balance that Merlot is known for.


Every year, our highly anticipated VineCo™ Global Passport Series takes us on a new adventure to the most prominent well-respected wine regions – from highly touted up-and-coming regions to age old vineyards with long histories.  A range of classic varietals to charismatic blends, this limited release wine series celebrates creativity and insists on excellence.  Available for a short time by reservation only, it’s a one of a kind wine experience.

Where will VineCo™ Global Passport Series take you?


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