CRU International – California Chardonnay Style


Captivating flavours of green apple and tropical fruit enhance an upfront floral bouquet as is expected by the finest California Chardonnays. It will develop to reveal layers of ripe fruit and integrated oak

Chardonnay was born in the Burgundy region of France, where it is also referred to as “white burgundy”, and it has gained much acclaim for its elegance. It is one of the most recognized and widely planted white wine grapes, made from green skinned grapes. Chardonnay is a fairly low maintenance vine that adapts really well to a number of different climate types. Around the world, Chardonnay is also used in a wide range of sparkling wines.

Cru International highlights the winemaking techniques and traditions from recognized wine regions around the world.  Explore the world of wine one style at a time.


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